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The Dead Sea is the lowest place on earth, and its water have a high concentration of 21 salts and minerals, such as Chloride, Magnesium, Sodium, Calcium, Potassium, Bromine and others. Twelve of these salts could not be found in other sea or ocean. The Dead Sea features many thermo-minerals springs, creating its famous, mineral-rich Black Mud. Dead Sea products increase the moisture levels and permeability of the skin, thereby allowing the minerals to penetrate into the deepest layers of the epidermis. This process, in turn, replenishes essential minerals which are necessary for retention of moisture and healthy cell growth. The concentration of minerals and trace elements in the Dead Sea is known to be 10 times higher than any other sea on the world. The salts have the effect of being a relaxant, bactericide, rejuvenator, and skin healer. The very special combination of the Dead Sea mineral salts helps ailing skin recreate a healthier and more maintainable surface. The Dead Sea salts and mud can be used both as cosmetic and therapeutic treatment.
The following table illustrates just a few of the essential minerals found in Dead Sea Cosmetics:

  • Bromide – Soothes and treats skin ailments
  • Chloride – Helps balance the body’s mineral
  • Magnesium – Activates enzymes to accelerate cell regeneration
  • Potassium / Sodium – Supplies energy to skin cells




Ester-C (Ascorbyl Palmitate) has a US Patent Number 6.197.813. Ester-C is the most advanced form of Vitamin C available to date. It has been specially formulated for faster absorption and retention so you can obtain the maximum benefits of Vitamin C quickly. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that helps mop up free radicals; those unstable molecules in the body that researchers believe contribute to the aging process. Vitamin C also helps boost immune system strength, and is essential for building connective tissue such as that found in the skin and joints. Ascorbyl Palmitate has potent free radical quenching effects and has been shown to boost the production of collagen type 3 and strengthen collagen strands. By “esterfying” Vitamin C with calcium and bioflavanoids (substances found in fruits and vegetables that act as powerful antioxidant), this formula is estimated to absorb 400% faster than regular Vitamin C. Ester-C also has a neutral pH that is gentler on your system, and does not cause the upsets that can accompany other Vitamin C products.




Topical DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol) has recently been nominated for the vacant position of “facelift in a jar.” It may be the first agent proven in studies to have at least a positive effect on decreasing the appearance of facial sagging, increasing muscle tone, and in helping your skin feel more supple and replenished. It has been demonstrated that DMAE causes some degree of skin tightening. Although DMAE can’t fully reverse existing facial sagging, it may reduce its further progression crucial in the skin’s support in formation of collagen and elastin. Research has shown that DMAE may increase skin firmness. It reduces the accumulation of lipofuscin deposits inside cells. Lipofuscin is a cellular pigment consisting of aggregated chunks of molecular wastes. It tends to occur in the cells of women ages 25 and up. It is likely that lipofuscin also contributes to the aging process. Some people report a cumulative effect with continued use of DMAE