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Elucence FAQ

Q: What is Moisture Benefits Shampoo?
A:    Moisture Benefits Shampoo is a nutrient-rich formula, specifically designed to elevate moisture levels in dry and chemically treated hair. This nourishing formula provides the beginnings of a complete wellness regimen.

Q: How is this shampoo different from traditional moisturizing shampoos?
A:    Moisture Benefits Shampoo was created to both CORRECT and PREVENT DRYNESS. A special combination of lipids, vitamins and polysaccharides (nutri-therapy ingredients*) provides needed hydration to correct moisture depleted hair. To further prevent dryness, a special surfactant derived from coconut oil is used. This mild cleansing agent is Sodium Myreth Sulfate.

Q: How can this shampoo effectively moisturize a variety of hair textures?
A: Moisture Benefits Shampoo is a moisture adjusting formulation that selectively determines the proper level of moisture needed. Excess moisture is simply dismissed in the lather during the rinsing process.

Q: Will the use of this shampoo cause color to fade?
A: No. Moisture Benefits Shampoo is exceptionally color friendly. Few Shampoos contain large molecular cleansing agents. Moisture Benefits Shampoo does and will not penetrate hair and will not lift color. This feature also allows the stylist to use Moisture Benefits Shampoo all day, every day, and never have a problem with hand irritation.

Q: What is Volume Clarifying Shampoo?
A:    Volume Clarifying Shampoo is a unique dual-purpose shampoo designed to volumize hair that needs body, and clarify hair to remove buildup while exfoliating the scalp.

Q: How does it volumize?
A:    Plant Polysaccharides (natural plant sugars) combined with Panthenol (pro-vitamin B5) and Biotin (Vitamin H) increase hair diameter. The incorporation of moisturizing proteins help mend surface imperfections to add fullness. Lift and body at the roots are achieved through exfoliation and purification.

Q: How does it clarify?
A: Special clarifying agents attach to unwanted mineral deposits through molecular bonding. White Willow Bark extract and other purifying agents help remove dulling residues.

Q: Does this shampoo have additional benefits to volumizing and clarifying?
A: Yes. Volume Clarifying Shampoo with the inclusion of Salicylic (beta hydroxy) Acid also exfoliates the scalp by removing spent surface cells and unclogging scalp pores. This helps eliminate blemishes. These important benefits provide healthy scalp and helps promote the healthy growth of new hair.

Q:    What is Moisture Acidifying Shampoo?
A: Moisture Acidifying Shampoo is a post-chemical services shampoo that returns hair to the normal pH range (4.5 – 5.5), moisturizes, softens and detangles, when used following any alkaline chemical service.

Q: How is this shampoo different from traditional normalizing shampoos?
A: Our advanced fruit acid complex including Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) from grapefruit quickly and gently lowers the hair pH to its normal 4.5 – 5.5 range. In addition, this AHA complex chelates mineral deposits. This unique function is particularly important when using a relaxer other than on which is sodium based. This shampoo dislodges calcium deposits, suspends them in the abundant lather where they are rinsed away completely to insure total chemical removal.

Q: Does Moisture Acidifying Shampoo have other benefits?
A: Yes. Condensed Product Processing provides exceptional value. This shampoo is up to four times as concentrated as other normalizing shampoos. This results in less product use per application. The added feature of chelating action is an additional benefit not found in other normalizing shampoos.

Q: When would I use Moisture Acidifying Shampoo instead of Volume Clarifying Shampoo?
A: If you are a stylist, Moisture Acidifying Shampoo would be used following a chemical service when the client s hair texture requires extra softening, detangling, and moisturizing.

Q: What is Moisture Balancing Conditioner?
A: Moisture Balancing Conditioner is a dual purpose moisture adjusting product. This "smart" formula works two ways. As a one-minute rinse out, boosts moisture levels with essential lipids and proteins. As a leave-in lotion, provides continuous moisturizing and suppleness to unusually dry hair.

Q: How does Moisture Balancing Conditioner differ from other conditioners?
A: Moisture Balancing Conditioner contains natural lipids and fatty acids (not mineral oils which can coat hair). These lipids and fatty acids "mimic" hair and scalp natural moisture. Squalane, a natural component of hair and scalp moisture is used in this formula to replenish and restore moisture balance (this special ingredient comes from olives).

Q: How does Moisture Balancing Conditioner product work?
A. The lipids (squalane & triglycerides) are organic molecules. They provide sub-surface hydration, optimizing moisture levels. Hydrolyzed proteins processed from natural wheat, lock in moisture to prevent dehydration. Moisture Balancing Conditioner would be used as a leave-in when hair is extremely dry, damaged, and where the advantage of continuous moisturizing is necessary. Simply work a little through the hair and continue with styling. This product also detangles hair to create manageability and reduce styling stress.

Q: What is Extended Moisture Repair Treatment?
A: Extended Moisture Repair Treatment is a revolutionary cationic protein-polysaccharide (from plant sugar) complex that mends and strengthens damaged hair. This natural product, when applied as an under dryer treatment, thermo-activates to bind protein and polysaccharide fibers to structurally damaged sites.

Q: Do I need heat to use Extended Moisture Repair Treatment?
A: Yes, for best results. Heat accelerates the bonding reaction and ensures quicker and deeper protein penetration. Be sure to cover hair with plastic cap before placing client under medium heat dryer. Don t forget to rinse the hair afterwards.

Q: How long should I leave the Extended Moisture Repair Treatment on?
A: Depending upon hair condition and the degree of damage, this treatment should be left on the patron s hair 10-15 minutes. For extremely dry, damaged hair, 20 minutes may be necessary.

Q: How is Extended Moisture Repair Treatment different from the Moisture Balancing Conditioner?
A: Extended Moisture Repair Treatment contains a high protein content for rebuilding damaged hair. The Moisture Balancing Conditioner contains lipids and essential triglycerides for remoisturizing the hair.

Q: Why do I need to use this product?
A: Permanent straightening, while extremely effective, can be a scalp sensitizing process to some clients. While proper application should prevent the relaxer from coming into contact with the scalp, this is not always possible. To ensure that each client has a positive experience with your relaxer service, it is recommended that Protective Barrier Balm be used prior to service.

Q: How does Protective Barrier Balm prevent hair color staining?
A: Because Protective Barrier Balm does not contain water, the color is unable to penetrate the cocoa butter based balm. After color application, simple towel off the excess. And, the skin will be smooth and conditioned.

Q: What is Volume Designing Foam?
A: Volume Designing Foam is an exciting air-infused, soap-free setting foam. Unlike traditional mousses and foaming wraps that incorporate sudsing agents to build foam, this product produces foam with air. This botanical enriched foam is light, is airy, and distributes easily and evenly for maximum styling efficiency.

Q: What are the benefits of this product over traditional styling fixatives?
A: Eliminates hair dryness and will never build up. The scalp is let in better condition because there will never be residue buildup on either the hair or scalp. Special shine enhancing ingredients coupled with lightweight holding resins provide hair with the lustrous finish not available from standard styling fixatives. This propellant-free fixative is ozone friendly.

Q: Is Volume Designing Foam a versatile product?
A: Yes. Whatever the desired style, choose Volume Designing Foam to form the base support for the finished look. Great for wet sets and wrap styles. Use it for setting, scrunching, molding or blow dry styles.

Q: Does All Day Hold Spritz really hold all day?
A: Yes. A unique combination of humidity resistant holding agents, vitamins, and botanicals provide the long lasting style retention today s client demands.

Q: Can I curl with this fixative?
A: Absolutely. Thermal protecting panthenol guards against the scorching heat of irons and other thermal styling tools. Silicone "slip agents" allow for clean release of thermal styling tools from the hair. You will never have a problem with a white residue buildup often evident with other spritz products. These silicone slip agents evaporate cleanly from the hair and do not leave a deposit.

Q: Once the style is finished, can I comb or brush through to reshape?
A: Definitely. Memory hold is the key to flexible reshaping. While this product does not provide extra crisp, extra hard hold, it does provide functional, touchable hold that has memory. This memory allows for rebrushing or recombing without taking away from the basic style formation.

Q: What other benefits are there?
A: The shine enhancing botanicals Chamomile, Nettle and Lemon Balm illuminates all styles. In addition, a sunscreen in the formula provides UV protection that helps prevent color fade and extend vibrancy of hair color.

Q: What if I have other questions?
A: Technical expertise is only a phone call away. Call the Elucence Info Line at 1-800-428-8073 anytime during normal working hours.