Elucence Details
anise: high protein content (18%) and lipids (15–20%) give anise anti-septic properties and circulatory stimulating effects. The bark from the star anise tree is highly aromatic and the volatile oils from the anise seed have cleansing properties. Anise is used in Moisture Benefits Shampoo and Moisture Balancing Conditioner for moisturization and purification.aloe: the gel found in the leaves of this plant has healing and moisturizing properties. Aloe enhances cellular regeneration; scalp diseases are often treated with direct application. High polysaccharide content provides humectant moisture and protects against thermal styling dryness in defining shine polish.

birch: high saponin (foam producing) content produces a clean, refreshing feeling. Find this natural thermal protectant and foam enhancer in Volume Designing Foam.

biotin: vitamin H used topically promotes strength and flexibility of hair while contributing positive effects to the scalp and hair roots. Used in Volume Clarifying Shampoo to add fullness to fine, thinning hair.

brewer’s yeast: rich in amino acids and B vitamins, including panthenol pro-vitamin B5, brewer’s yeast produces hair strengthening and moisturizing benefits in Moisture Benefits Shampoo and Moisture Balancing Conditioner.

capric/caprillate triglycerides: containing fatty acids derived from coconut, these water-thin oils mimic the scalp’s natural moisture. Used in Moisture Balancing Conditioner for added shine and manageability.

chamomile: exceptional in treating dryness and other hair sensitivities, chamomile is anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and moisturizing. Its properties are attributed to soothing bisabol oil, which is used in Protective Barrier Balm. Also used in Volume Designing Foam to add shine and highlights.

coltsfoot leaf: high mineral content and muccin (polysaccharide) provides lubricity and strength in All Day Hold Spritz and Volume Designing Foam.

coco butter: emollients provide protection and care for dry skin and create an occlusive barrier against chemical contact and moisture loss from the skin and scalp in Protective Barrier Balm.

coconut: this highly saturated fat is expressed from the kernels of the coconut to gently lather, clean and moisturize. An abundance of oil and fatty acids make coconuts the source of our cleansing surfactants — sodium myreth sulfate, cocobetaine and lauramide dea.

gingko: high flavinoid and free radical scavenger content helps increase hair growth potential while balsam lubricates and adds elasticity. The leaves from gingko trees have been used for centuries in tea preparations and elixirs. The leaf also has astringent properties and is known to increase circulation in the skin’s surface cells. Used in Moisture Benefits Shampoo and Moisture Balancing Conditioner.

ginseng: high pectin (polysaccharides) content moisturizes dry hair. Contains panthenol and biotin to add moisture and fullness. Used in Moisture Benefits Shampoo and Moisture Balancing Conditioner.

guar: these seeds contain large polysaccharide molecules used in foods and cosmetics for thickening. Cationic guar is used for adding manageability and detangling.

green tea: contains six classes of flavenoid anti-oxidants, all of which are used in Volume Clarifying Shampoo to help soothe the scalp.

grapefruit: is known to have antiseptic properties and is also high in vitamin C.

honey: mostly known for its softening and moisturizing characteristics, this water-soluble sugar polysaccharide provides humectant moisturization and shine. Used in Volume Clarifying Shampoo for slip and detangling.

horse chestnut: these seeds have been used as an anti-inflammatory for ages. The extract is a natural astringent and hair softener used here in Volume Designing Foam and All Day Hold Spritz to give hair a less crispy, more conditioned feel.

horsetail: an excellent herb for the hair, horsetail contains high levels of amino acids, phytosterols and silica, all of which act to strengthen and condition hair, as well as regulate oil production. The ‘hair gloss herb’ is used for thermal styling protection and adding shine.

irish moss: a water soluble material that adds texture, Irish moss contains nutrient-rich chlorophyll and boosts moisture levels in Moisture Benefits Shampoo.

lemon balm: extremely cleansing and with decongestant properties (high eugenol lipid content promotes circulation), the leaves of the lemon balm plant refresh and purify the hair. Polishes and adds radiance to hair in Serious Shining Spray.

mica: a natural mineral for adding shine.

nettle: a very nourishing herb, nettle contains amino acids, vitamins and minerals (including silica and sulfur). Both a tonic and an anti-fungal, it also stimulates circulation at the scalp, which is beneficial to new hair growth. Used in Volume Designing Foam to enhance setting properties.

olive oil: rich in protein and minerals, olive oil imparts a non-greasy emollience and shine to hair. High in vitamin E and antioxidants, it softens and conditions as well.

peach: high pectin (polysaccharide) levels hydrate dry hair. Ascorbic, citric and malic fruit acids (AHA’s) provide softening. Used in Moisture Benefits Shampoo and Moisture Balancing Conditioner.

rosemary: this multi-nutrient plant is a natural astringent and hair growth stimulant. Obtained from the tops of flowering evergreen shrubs, rosemary is used to improve hair volume, add shine and highlights.

sage: this herb has purifying, antimicrobial, cleansing and astringent properties. Sage is used to condition the hair and scalp in Volume Clarifying Shampoo and in fixatives for scalp benefits.

silica: this natural mineral, derived from sand, is used for conditioning and shine.

squalane: a component of natural scalp moisture (sebum), this ultra light lipid is derived from olives. It elevates scalp and hair moisture content in Moisture Balancing Conditioner

willow bark: a natural source of aspirin and salicylic acid, willow bark helps normalize the scalp and acts as a natural exfoliant.

wild yam: the anti-inflammatory steroidal saponin content of the wild yam is thought to be beneficial in helping prevent excessive hair loss. Its natural foaming and emulsifying actions help to promote a healthy scalp in Volume Clarifying Shampoo.